Trip Report

Sourdough Mountain

Annabelle Rouse


Difficulty: Moderate

Snow Level: 4500 ft

Elevation Gain: 5000 ft

Total Miles: 13.00 mi

Gear: Baby survival suit

Weather: Everything- fog, mist, sun, wind...

Halloween-eve we headed towards the trailhead and van camped overnight. The next morning we left the car at 8:30 and headed up the trail. I felt like a fat kid choking on cake as I gasped for air on the way up. I thought it was out of shapeness until we realized we covered 1,800 vertical feet in a hour, then we felt pretty good about that. We hit the snowline around 4,500 feet and switched approach shoes for mountaineering boots and gaiters. Shortly after the foot ware switch we picked up two bozos hiking in tennis shoes and cotton hooded sweatshirts who were lost. They ended up following our boot pack all the way to the lookout. The last part of the "climb" gaining the ridge the snow was thin, slippery and on a steep hillside. We were cautious while carrying the girl and took it pretty slow. You had to find the summer trail where the snow accumulated deeper just right in order to kick good steps. Brandon sherpa-ed the girl up while Lisa kicked the steps. The fog that trailed us all day finally burned off and we had amazing views from the top. The girl's survival suit worked wonders and she was a warm, happy, hitch-hiker all day long. She passed the time by sleeping and playing a few rounds of her new found game which we call "noises".


  • Latitude: 48.75250
  • Longitude: -121.12810
  • Elevation: 6107ft
  • PeakBagger Link
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