Trip Report

Circle Peak

John Parks


Permits: Permits!? I don't need no stinking permits.

Difficulty: Easy

Snow Level: 4500 ft

Elevation Gain: 1500 ft

Total Miles: 4.00 mi

Gear: Baby sunscreens, wet wipes and at least one extra outfit for the baby.

From Trail Head to Camp: 2.0 hours

Weather: Amazing!

After discovering that the FS2703 is open (so no more 5 mile bike road approach), I figured this would be a fun family outing. It didn't disappoint. The driving directions from Summitpost are spot on, though I think it's closer to 2 miles to the FS2703 turn off. The trail starts about 200 yds before the end of the road and is in pretty good shape. We followed it to a washed out bridge, which is still crossable on a log. From there, the trail disappeared into the snow. After trying to find it and taking a baby break, we mostly just went STFU (straight the f**k up). Eventually, we reached the final snow free ridge where the view of Glacier Peak were amazing. Another 15 minutes of schwacking through trees and always underestimating how tall the baby carrier was, and we were on top of the false summit. Figuring scrambling with the baby and dogs wasn't the smartest parenting move, Leslie and I each took turns tagging the true summit, with its own mailbox registry.
The descent was uneventful, well except for one baby stop that I don't have the stomach to describe. Let's just say there was a lot of hand sanitizer, some snow, then more sanitizer for emotional support. We also made a quick trip over to Crystal Lake (which was entirely snow crystal lake) but would recommend the extra trip if you're making the drive all the way back there.


  • Latitude: 48.22050
  • Longitude: -121.32260
  • Elevation: 5983ft
  • PeakBagger Link
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